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We are Hockeyville! Home ice for girls and women's hockey!

First and foremost we would like to congratulate all the arenas that were competing for Kraft Hockeyville 2022, and especially acknowledge Princeton BC, Douro-Dummer ON, and Arena Marcel-Larocque. QC. While the last few months have been a whirlwind one thing that is clear is passion for community hockey is alive and well across Canada!

If you would like to contribute to help us develop our hockey programs, please contact us at info@capebretonblizzard.ca
Also we have a weekly even-split draw during the hockey season (Sept-April) please sign up here.
Tickets are $1 each and draws happen weekly. We will connect you with a seller.
To our Cape Breton Blizzard Hockey families, CBU Capers Women’s Hockey and our supporters….thank you! This will truly be a game changer for girls hockey in our community, having safe and reliable ice access to call finally home. Thank you to all the businesses and organizations who helped us rally and believed in us. And thank you to all the voters who made this possible!

I cannot begin to let you know the impact your support has had on our girls. In addition to the excitement of last night, it was evident that the girls felt valued and supported. They also experienced tremendous pride in working together during this rally campaign, which highlighted many life lessons including the need for hard work, the importance of community and that each of them can affect positive social change. ??
May 9, 2022