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U11 and U15 rep tryout Skate #3

U11 Tryout #3
Tuesday, Oct 12th at 7:00 PM

Allie MacInnis
Annie Mullins
Elise Angione
Ella Mills
Ellie Fogarty
Ellie Power (G)
Evelyn Power
Farrah Coffin
Gia Morrison
Harlin Burke
Jena MacAulay
Kaylee Primmer
Leighton Burke
Lexie Saunders
Lucy Kennedy
Mabella Scott
Mya Boudreau
Norah Macdonald
Sarah Burke
Sarah G Burns
Zoe Mitten (G)
Zoe Watson

*Please note that there is a possibility of
two rep teams at U11, but will first test
at the top level.

U15 Tryout scrimmage game vs U18
Tuesday, Oct 12 at 8:00 pm

Anna Lawand

Bhreagh MacKenzie - G

Bhreagh Marsh

Brooke Matheson

Callie Finney

Cassie Cremo

Chloe Saunders

Clare Connors

Emjay Stevens

Grace Long

Holly MacInnis - G

Jacelyn Marshall 

Jaime Paige Parsons

Kaitlyn Purdie

Madeline Christmas

Olivia McNeil

Paris Bernard

Payton Ellsworth

Sophia Briand

Teya Sturge


Oct 7, 2021