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Getting back on the ice - groups of 10

  Along with the other minor hockey organizations, we are taking a cautious first step back into hockey. Players are eligible to practice in bubble groups of 10. We have some practice times for the players.    These ice times are completely OPTIONAL for your player. If you don't feel ready to skate yet, that is totally up to you.   IMPORTANT: Please RSVP to your coach/group leader so they know if you are coming or not. Their contact is in the email you received. Contact us at info@capebretonblizzard.ca if you didn't receive your email.   The safety protocols are outlined below. Please read these in full. Players are to arrive mostly dressed. No parents in dressing rooms and no spectators allowed, etc...   Practice plan for Jan 14-31, 2022   In accordance with the current Government of Nova Scotia’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions and guidance, and as sanctioned by Hockey Nova Scotia, hockey practices for organized sports teams are allowed to continue for all age groups, provided strict adherence to public health protocols occur. The health and safety of our players, coaches and volunteers remains our number one priority so adherence to this set of regulations is critical.  Please note that this practice plan may be amended at any time to ensure adherence with the Government of Nova Scotia’s restrictions and guidance. Under the new restrictions and guidance, a group bubble concept will be put in effect and maintained in order to permit on ice activities.  These restrictions are currently in place until Monday, January 31, 2022.   1.     Each team is to be divided into 2 groups of 10 (Group A and Group B) as per coach’s decision and this structure must be maintained throughout the next weeks. Players cannot be switched from one group to another.  When possible, It is recommended that players/coaches who live at the same address be assigned to the same group.   2.     A Safety Rep must be present for each ice time. The Safety Rep will track attendance and will be responsible for contacting any parent/guardian as necessary.     3.     Group of 10 can be 1 coach/9 players or 2 coaches/8 players or 3 coaches/7 players etc.  Groups must remain consistent between January 14-31 2022.   4.     Players are not to attend any ice activities is they are feeling unwell, displaying any COVID-19 symptoms or are considered a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.   5.     Group A and B will have separate dressing rooms. Players will arrive dressed in full hockey gear, with the exception of skates, helmets, and gloves.  Each player must use only their own water bottle, that is clearly labelled with their name.   6.     Players and coaches must remain in their assigned dressing room until practice time. Absolutely no standing/wandering in the hallways. Safety rep, dressing room supervisor or coach can assist with skate tying for youngest players (U7-U11 as needed).  Parents/guardians are not permitted to assist their players dress for the practice; players can enter the arena with their skates on provided they have appropriate skate guards.  The coach should prepare for practice (skates/helmet/gloves) at rinkside whenever possible.   7.     Currently, practices will be half ice only, meaning the ice surface will be divided into 2 sections divided by centre ice. Coaches can put divider markers across the ice surface.   8.     Coaches, regardless of gender, can use the same dressing room as the players for U7-U11; for U13+ teams only female coaches are permitted in the player’s dressing room. For male coaches of U13 + teams, the coach(es) are to use a dressing room that is not being used or prepare rinkside. Coaches of Group A must not mix with coaches of Group B.   9.     Assignment of dressing rooms will be done by arena staff and posted accordingly.  It is critical that only the assigned dressing rooms are used. 10.  Players, coaches and dressing room supervisor are permitted to enter the arena 20 minutes prior to practice time. Players and coaches must exit the arena within 15 minutes from the time practice is ended.  Post-practice showers are not permitted at this time.   11.  Properly worn masks are mandatory and must be worn at all times while in the arena, including while in the dressing room.  The only exception to this rule is while the player/coach is on the ice.   12.  Parents/guardians are not permitted in the arena.  Parents are to drop off and pick up their player at the outside entrance. Please be prepared to pick up your player immediately following their practice, the players will only be in the dressing room for a brief time to remove skates and to collect their gear bags. As there are only a few kids in a group this should be a quick process. Parents/guardians are respectful reminded to observe all public health guidelines, including wearing a mask when not able to maintain 6 feet social distance between other individuals.   13.  No spectators are permitted in the rink at this time.   14.  Hockey games and tournaments are not permitted at this time.   15.  For coaches, safety reps, dressing room supervisors, and players over the age of 12, proof of vaccination status must be available to be shown at any time. The safety rep and coach(es) are responsible for meeting these restrictions and regulations.         
Jan 11, 2022

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