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We are Hockeyville! Home ice for girls and women's hockey!

We did it! We are Kraft Hockville 2022!

May 9, 2022

Hockeyville 2022! Re-open the Canada Games Complex at CBU!

Help us tell the story of why re-opening the Canada Games Complex, located at the Cape Breton University campus, should be the winner of this year's Kraft Hockeyville! Girls hockey needs - and deserves - a place to call home.  With 20 teams and over 400 players, coaches and officals, girls hockey is the fastest growing sport in Cape Breton Regional Municipality, BUT THEY HAVE NO HOME ICE. Here's how you can help...

Mar 15, 2022

Getting back on the ice - groups of 10

Blizzard Hockey is restarting practices for teams.  Groups of 10 or less only. See protocols...

Jan 10, 2022


Rogers Hometown Hockey is here this weekend and we have a lot of activities going on.
We are still awaiting more info from the organizers and will post it here as we get it.

See your schedule for your team or group here...



Dec 6, 2021

U11AA next ice time

The following players are asked to attend the U11AA tice time this week. This group, coached by James Leo Mullins. is practicing on Friday October 22nd 6:00pm at Membertou. Players in this group *do not* attend the weekend U11 ice times. There may be an exhibition game for them but not yet scheduled.

Allie MacInnis
Annie Mullins
Elise Angione
Ella Mills
Ellie Fogarty
Ellie Power (G)
Harlin Burke
Jena MacAulay
Kaylee Primmer
Leighton Burke
Lexie Saunders
Mabella Scott
Norah MacDonald
Sarah Burke
Sarah G Burns
Zoe Mitten (G)
Zoe Watson

Oct 19, 2021

Oct 20-24 Schedule

Schedule - Oct 20-24
Confirmation emails coming to all today.

We are exploring this weekend if we have the interest and parent commitment to form two additional travel teams to compete provincially.

At U11 (b. 2011/2012) this team would compete in a 10 team provincial league across the province. We would like to see all the interested players in attendance at Saturday's U11 skate at Membertou at 10 am. Parents meeting during the ice time. We would like to hear from all interested players and coaches. You must sign in here to be counted. Sign you name up here to play and/or coach:
At U13 (b. 2009-2010) this team competes in a 7 team provincial league with competitors in Quad County, Halifax region, South Shore. We would like to see all the interested players in attendance at Saturday's U13 ice time at noon at Membertou. We would like to hear from all interested players and coaches. You must sign in here to be counted. Sign your name up here to play and/or coach:
The difference between these teams and local league teams is that they:
Go on about 6 trips per year to play 12 away games (and host 12 games here). Sometimes same-day double headers, sometimes overnighter double or triple headers. Have their own team practice time. Compete against other girls teams from around the province. Extra cost is $200 rep fee which covers the practices and longer games.
Ice schedule this week:
League schedulers may add exhibition for rep teams here as well. Will post them when we have them.
Wednesday - Oct 20 - Eskasoni groups
4:00 pm U9/U11
5:00 pm U13/U15/U18
Thursday - Oct 21 - Eskasoni groups
5:00 pm U7/U9/U11
6:00 pm U13/U15/U18
Thursday Oct 21 at 5:45 Centre 200-
Jason Bernard’s U15 team
Friday Oct 22 at 5:00 pm at Membertou
Chris Crawley’s U13 team
Friday 6:00 pm at Membertou
James Leo Mullin's U11 team
Friday 7:00 pm at Membertou
Kelsey Gilmet’s U18 team
U7 and Learners Group at Membertou - Saturday at 11 am

U9 at Membertou - Saturday 9:00 am and Sunday 9:00 am

U11 at Membertou - Saturday 10:00 am and Sunday 10:00 am

U13 at Membertou - Saturday at 12:00 pm and Sunday at 10:00 am

U15-18 at Membertou - Saturday at 1:00 pm and Sunday at 11:00 am

First Shift at Membertou - Sunday at 1:00 pm
Oct 19, 2021